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Murdered For Challenging Big Oil

Stan Meyers
(updated by popular demand)
Murdered For
Challenging Big Oil

Stan Meyers invented a way to run cars on water only by splitting 
water into oxygen  and hydrogen using a similar process to 
electrolysis. He was murdered for his ideas and all his research lost.

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Stanley's life was terminated because he developed the technology to run cars (and planes) on water, but made the unfortunate mistake of believing that the government was his friend.

Dennis Lee and Stanley Meyers drove a  water-fuel-cell powered car California to New York burning only the hydrogen in 28 gallons of water using Stanley's super productive hydrogen separator.

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Meyers was snared in the government fish net and sworn to secrecy for the "safety of national security". Dennis tried to convince Stanley that the government (or shadow government) wasn't his friend, but Stanley trusted them anyway.

After the "Gov" pretended to support his research by building for him an institute for the research of water power technology, Stanley was poisoned and died at the institute dinner commemoration event.

He apparently found the resonance frequency of water and tuned his electrolyzer with an oscillator to that frequency, vastly boosting the efficiency of the device, and making it an actually viable source of fuel, since you don't have to put so much more energy into it than you're getting out of it.

No, this is not a free energy system, since energy from water is actually consumed, and water must be refilled, but the vastly more combustible gas produced nets much greater mpg of water than any means of burning gasoline.

Unfortunately, Mr. Meyer is no longer around to tell us about his invention - let alone sell us his proposed DIY kit for $1,500 - because he was poisoned.

His brother, however, has continued his research to the best of his ability and posted Stan's notes and patent info. Stan was not a trained scientist or engineer, so his notes use terms not accepted by the scientific or engineering community,

So much for why you never heard of Stanley Meyers. If your government had your best interests in mind, Stanley Meyers might have been a household name by now, and you wouldn't be fretting about how much gasoline is costing.

These technologies are the biggest threat there is to the Petrochemical industry and as a result are all suppressed. There have been many people to come forth with these types of inventions. To my knowledge either the inventor is bought out or mysteriously dies without exception.

So what is happening with Stan's Great Invention of the 20th Century? Absolutely nothing. Are they manufacturing his invention? NO, Because it would solve all the world's problems today.

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grafikgirl said...

The government did the same thing with the electric car in California. GM actually went to the houses of the people who would not return them and towed them away. They were then crushed.

I can not believe we Americans allow this or that individuals involved are not prosecuted for their actions. We have a constitutional right to set war in motion within our borders. It may just come to that in the near future.

Tom Usher said...

Greed is the problem.

Christian Commons

Tom Usher said...

It's a shame. You should do a follow-up post with the details of his death. Why do people believe it was foul play other than the obvious that he was working on something that could have broken the stranglehold of the carbon-based-fuel multinational corporations?

Anonymous said...

Yeh well my friend Charlie Grapski found out all sorts of things about his corrupt local government, and now he's in jail and his every move being watched. It's really scary doing something because you're always afraid you'll be the next victim. I guess we are like the Jews when they were in the concentration camps - fluoride and all.

Tom Usher said...

Fluoride never helped me with my temper. God did.

EuroYank said...

post updated

Tom Usher said...

Concerning the link:

I certainly don't blame people for being highly suspicious. I often have more questions.

The coroner, William R. Adrion, was he a man of bad reputation? The term "supposedly" means allegedly too. A coroner is not a jury finding guilt. He would have to take statements as allegations. We can't speak for him in that we can't say he disbelieved the statements about Stan being sick.

If the family believed he was murdered, they could have obtained a court order to exhume the body for testing for poison. If he was cremated (a family decision), then unless someone kept blood and maybe tissue samples sufficient for testing, we're out of luck on the mundane level at least for awhile.

I certainly always remain highly suspicious where someone's inventions are kept under wraps by government. Afterall, the government took Tesla's research supposedly fearing it might fall into enemy hands for weapons development against us.

Tom Usher said...

It's good to have these sorts of post out there rather than not. It's could to be open to more digging and commentary too. I'm glad your blog loads quickly and that the commenting is easy in terms of logging in, etc. Good job.



Kevin said...

Great stuff Euro! I like the new look too!

ZenLama said...

This is a youtube link to system thats sounds like the same method. He is also applying the tech to car.