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A Journey Through The Graveyard of American Dreams

America Destroyed: The True State of the Union
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This is one of the most complicated posts I have ever researched,
and one of the most important. To begin - think about this statement - "In 20 years the USA will have a third world work force engaged in domestic non-tradable services."

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*The Lies at the End of the American Dream

What Is Happening

One way to comprehend what is happening is to look at the split between how much of the economy is won by profits and how much by wages.

The share allotted to corporate profits increased sharply, from 17.7% in 2000 to 20.9% in 2005, while the share going to wages has reached a record low.
The incomes of the top 20% have grown much faster than the earnings of those at the middle or bottom of the income distribution.

The income of the top 1% and top 0.1% have grown particularly rapidly. From 1992 to 2005, the pay of chief executive officers of major companies rose by 186%.

The equivalent figure for median hourly wages was 7.2%, leaving the ratio of CEOs' pay to that of the average worker at 262.

In the 1960s, the comparable figure was 24.

Downward Pressure On Wages

The Federal minimum wage has been static for a decade.

The "China effect,", the idea that low prices of imported manufactured goods are pushing US industry to cut its workforce in order to increase productivity.

Public, private and corporate debt far exceeds any previously known dimensions. Trusting in a future rosier than the present, millions of households are borrowing so much money that they end up endangering the very future they're looking forward to.

The lower and middle classes have practically given up on putting aside any savings. They're going into the 21st century like a poverty-stricken, Third World family, living from hand to mouth without any financial reserves whatsoever.

The production sectors such as the furniture industry, consumer electronics, many automobile part suppliers, and now computer manufacturers have left the country for good.

American Declining Values

Actual losses in the US real estate market are much higher than what you have been reading in the newspapers recently.

Using a combination of official government statistics and the most widely used index of housing values, we will demonstrate that the US real estate market has lost a total of $6 trillion in value in the last two years.

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The value of the U.S. dollar falling 28 per cent against other currencies. World financial markets are already starting to bet against the U.S. dollar. Our creditors, particularly Asian central banks, are losing their appetite for U.S. Treasuries.

The consequences of a rapidly declining dollar are not yet fully understood by the American public. The long-term significance has not sunk in, but when it does there will be political hell to pay in Washington.

Our relative wealth as a nation is measured in dollars, and the steady erosion of the value of those dollars means we will all be poorer in the future. The artificial stimulation of our economy through cheap money comes with a price.

When dollars are abundant, they are worth less. This is the reality facing Americans today, especially older Americans who rely on savings to finance their retirement years.

The government has pumped its currency into the world economy so vigorously that the dollar can now be brought to the point of collapse, and now large parts of the US workforce is standing with its backs against the wall.


For many blue and white-collar workers, this decline
is already real, because they have less of everything than they used to.

They possess less money, they are shown less respect in society, and their chances for climbing up the social ladder have deteriorated dramatically.

They're the losers in the world war for wealth.

When a large part of citizens are cut off from the nation's overall wealth, we have to face an uncomfortable reality.

The Rise of State Fascism

Last call to awaken the slumbering promise of our Constitution - or to watch our freedom slither away forever. Corporate media has enabled tyranny to prevail over the truth, because they value profits above all else.

This is a wake-up call to save us from the final descent into an Orwellian world from which we will not be able to return.

American Fascists Part 1 American Fascists Part 2

Mainstream media corporations like CNN, Fox, and NBC (General Electric) together with giant telecoms like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T have become administration pawns in a well-organized effort to hijack America.

A warning for all Americans the media has become a docile lapdog of government while failing at keeping us informed. Those who stay tuned to Fox News, CNN or any other corporate-owned news source realize that the bottom line is what determines newsworthy without having the public's interest in mind.

End of US Democracy Part 1 End of US Democracy Part 2

Mainstream media have failed us in covering issues crucial to the survival of American democracy.

Corporate media have systematically attempted to dumb down and distract us from reality with sex and violence; government has used corporate media to shock and awe Americans into surrendering their constitutional rights in the name of the War on Terrorism; and media personalities have been complicit in the mass deception.

Now when the mainstream media reports from Afghanistan, Iraq, or anywhere around the world, including here in the United States, it is in cooperation with the government. Without a functioning media, there is no stopping government from divesting us of our freedom.

Let us now take a video journey through
the "Graveyard of American Dreams" ....

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"It’s the biggest untold economic story of our time: more of
the nation’s bounty held in fewer and fewer
hands, and Bush’s
tax cuts are only making the
problem worse."

*The Great Wealth Transfer

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"(Oil) The holy grail of world trade, the basis of neo-liberal growth and prosperity, is completely dependent on a resource that is not only finite but moving into decline. The era of globalisation seems destined to be relatively short-lived."
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Race to the Bottom

Originally Published on Sunday, May 31, 2009


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